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In Re: Todd Graeff, <br />Respondent <br />File Docket: <br />X -ref: <br />Date Decided: <br />Date Mailed: <br />Before: Louis W. Fryman, Chair <br />John J. Bolger, Vice Chair <br />Donald M. McCurdy <br />Paul M. Henry <br />Raquel K. Bergen <br />Nicholas A. Colafella <br />06 -043 <br />Order No. 1455 <br />1/28/08 <br />2/15/08 <br />This is a final adjudication of the State Ethics Commission. <br />Procedurally, the Investigative Division of the State Ethics Commission conducted <br />an investigation regarding a possible violation of the Public Official and Employee Ethics <br />Act ( "Ethics Act "), 65 Pa.C.S. § 1101 et seq., by the above -named Respondent. At the <br />commencement of its investigation, the Investigative Division served upon Respondent <br />written notice of the specific allegations. Upon completion of its investigation, the <br />Investigative Division issued and served upon Respondent a Findings Report identified as <br />an "Investigative Complaint." An Answer was filed and a hearing was requested. A <br />Stipulation of Findings and a Consent Agreement waiving an evidentiary hearing were <br />subsequently submitted by the parties to the Commission for consideration. The <br />Stipulation of Findings is quoted as the Findings in this Order. The Consent Agreement <br />has been approved. <br />This adjudication of the State Ethics Commission is issued under the Ethics Act and <br />will be made available as a public document thirty days after the mailing date noted above. <br />However, reconsideration may be requested. Any reconsideration request must be <br />received at this Commission within thirty days of the mailing date and must include a <br />detailed explanation of the reasons as to why reconsideration should be granted in <br />conformity with 51 Pa. Code § 21.29(b). A request for reconsideration will not affect the <br />finality of this adjudication but will defer its public release pending action on the request by <br />the Commission. <br />The files in this case will remain confidential in accordance with the Ethics Act. Any <br />person who violates such confidentiality commits a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, <br />may be subject to a fine of not more than $1,000 or imprisonment for not more than one <br />year. Confidentiality does not preclude discussing this case with an attorney at law. <br />